Advertising on Facebook through 3rd person

Facebook is the important way to increase the sales of online products in the world. Basically, Facebook is accepted as a key to increasing sales by advertising on Facebook. In this post, I will explain more about the wrong thoughts advertising on Facebook through the 3rd person.

1. Low rate:

Most e-commerce dealers do not have a master card (dual currency card). For this reason, we are providing third-party advertising services to Facebook by giving them access to their Facebook page admin. Looking at such a third person or businessman, we see who offers the dollar selling service at the lowest price. First thing, the person who will take the money for dollars at low prices will advertise.

Before advertising, ask him, he will advertise through a dollar. Remember, someone will do nothing for you free, they will keep their profits. If you get something at a lower price, it does not mean that you have a huge benefit.

2. More Rich / Sales:

The second thing we think about is the amount of response or sales. Some want to reach more, some want to sell more. The advertiser is better if it is more than a reached or sale, advertisers are poor when they are less than reached or sales. Keep in mind that both of the reaches and sales depend on the target, product, and customer like and dislike. And for these two things, I will blame you as an experienced digital marketer, not the advertiser. Because, considering the choices and dislikes of the customer, you should work with your product. You know what kind of customer your product is for. You will tell the advertiser what the target should be, city, gender, and age at all.  The advertiser is not marketing your business that he will do all the work, if you rely on it, you will have to face the problem today or tomorrow.

Just think, for some reason, if you have changed the advertiser to go to the new advertiser and how much time was sold, what was the target, if you did not know, then the new advertiser could become a new target again and your sales might fall, So for your business, you should know all the information for yourself.

Always think about the two sides, then there will always be something better, whether it is good today or there will be many doubts about whether it will be good tomorrow.

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