How to create a business page on facebook?

Facebook is the most popular social media all over the world. A large part of the people of every country is connected with Facebook. So now Facebook is a big field for marketing. Here are all types of buyers or customers. There are all types of customers on Facebook.

So who does not keep Facebook as a part of marketing, they are losing huge opportunities. The first thing for Facebook marketing is to create a facebook business page. Let’s see how to create a Facebook business page.

1. Select Category:

To create a Facebook page, first, select the category. In order to create pages, different category pages can be created such as local business, company, brand, public figure, internet, community etc.

To create the page, first visit this link:

2. Description of your company’s details:

In the next step of the category selection, you will have to give a brief description of the business and if you have a website, then link it. If you are a community page you can get the opportunity to select the page’s username.

3. Setting your page:

After finishing the Wizard, you will be asked about the choice of pages and ads, you can skip those pages. Next, you will be taken to your Facebook page. You can see that your page is empty. In this case, your page is published. If you want to keep your page private without publishing all the information you want, then change the page visibility by going to page settings. You can post it either by page or by your profile if you want and set how to get notifications when you want to receive it. You can also change the posting.

An important part of the setting is that you can make admin of the page to anyone else. If you are busy, you can arrange a page role by employing someone to manage your page. You can save time in it. Through this, you can save your time.

4. Set the cover photo:

When you create pages, see pages are almost completely empty. First, give an interesting and informative cover photo of the page. The cover photo is must be 851×315 size.

5. Add profile picture:

After adding the cover photo, your work is to add a profile picture. If your brand is familiar, then you can use the profile picture business logo if you open pages for a popular brand or you can highlight your most popular product.

6. Fill in the About section:

Please give all the information in about section and update the page. Here you can give different information such as category, sub-category, address, brief description, detailed description, website link, phone, email etc.

7. Add Call – to – Action button:

If you want you can add different buttons. Such as Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up or Watch Video. Add to the button you need. This link can be added to each button. So you can use this button to increase the website visitors.

8. Specify a URL:

Facebook has a URL for each page. But if you want you can create that URL yourself. To create a URL for the page. Creating a URL is important because visitors can easily remember your pages. If you like 30 on the page, the Facebook page gives Facebook the opportunity to fix. Find the option to set the URL in about tab.

If you follow these steps, then hopefully you can create a professional page which will increase the visitor to your website.

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