How to create an effective facebook post?

Facebook is now a part of our daily routine. Every day we use Facebook in different ways. We just do not use Facebook for communication. Even we use Facebook to increase business reputation or personal reputation.

In the case of Facebook use or facebook marketing every day we have to post on our facebook feed. Every post is more important for Facebook marketing. Without good posting, there will be no benefit from it, but the time will be wasted and the reputation can be shocked. The post must be such that the reader is eager to know more about you or your product by reading your writing. To create a good and professional quality post, some topics to be given special emphasis.

1. Do short posting:

In the case of a Facebook post, sometimes we posting a large post and short post. Short posts are more effective than large post. In a small, informative post which is useful for followers, the posting angle is much more. If the post is bigger then many people lose interest in reading the amount of writing or leave something else. The post is not just small there are some things to remember in terms of post writing.

Such as:

  • The post is not irrelevant.
  • If you post an example, you should give examples from the real experience.
  • If the post is a bit bigger, then writing through several paragraphs.

2. Post a professional quality picture:

The most effective way to increase the engagement on Facebook is to picture. Whenever a professional quality picture is presented with a text that is more effective for getting more engagement. After watching the image, the interest in reading is increased and you are willing to know about your service or product. So to publish such a good picture means it is rich in the followers.

3. Video posted:

The video is currently one of the tools for online marketing. A video is very useful for Facebook post You can display your product or business or your personal service information through a video that can not be done in any other way. Posting a video to posting a Facebook post will help you greatly increase your business sales.


4. Special post for the special day:

Every year there are special days like Eid, Pahela Boishakh etc. These special days make a good contribution to the growth of the engagement. So, on a special day, you can post a good picture that will highlight the day. If you wish to greetings your followers on this day then they will also greetings you with the comment. It helps to increase relationships and create new customers.

5. Responding to the customers:

The purpose of each Facebook post is to attract followers, give them new information and make them custom. Many times, some questions are created between the followers of the post. To get the answer to that question or to comment on something. In order to increase the effectiveness of the post, you must answer these comments or questions.

This response is to give in the right time. If the follower waits for a long time after questioning, then there may be a negative sentiment between you and the business towards him. So the followers have to respond the right time.

6. Add your website link to the post:

When you post a link to your website, Facebook will automatically get an image from the website and click on a large field to click. This is a very good way to send visitors to the website. You can write headlines if you want.

Each post on Facebook is very important for a business or person, so posting should include these topics before posting.

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