Facebook Marketing 2018

Facebook usage in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. Increasingly, the number of users is increasing. Currently, there are more than 24 million users on Facebook. It is a bit difficult to say how many active users or actual accounts they have. There are many ways to exclude fake accounts using Facebook. Do not say anything, no less than 20 million users all over the world.  Users are increasing with the number of sellers also.

Of course, there are many seasonal vendors. Those who do not just talk about selling, do not think of the consumer, do not say the future, the quality of their product is not good and they are not so aware of product delivery, businessmen who can not stay in the market for a long time. Because, consumers have started learning about these things, many new e-commerce businessmen coming to the market. In one word, I can say that they are going to survive in this market, who will look at the quality of the product, the delivery of goods and consumer services.

Like the two backs of the coin, you have to keep in mind that in the next few years, the big opportunity for you is tied in the same way as an e-commerce trader. Stay tied. You may be facing problems in the case of fake customers, non-professional delivery companies. And since the prospective market, within the next few years, foreign companies can stay in the country. If foreign companies come to the country and manage the business through tough rules, then there will be many fake vendors and fake buyers. Our rule is that the rules are not difficult, because the word of the fake and non-professional is associated with the business.

The main thing is that time seems to have many hands but time is very short. Therefore, it should be closely monitored in the promotion of business, branding, quality products, delivery at the right time, consumer relations, and sales services. Keep in mind, time and location do not stop or wait for someone, maybe you are not paying attention now, but not everyone is aware that you can lose your position, so think seriously and start working.

In the case of Facebook marketing in 2018, you should be given the importance of –

1. About 40% of users are not associated with brand pages on Facebook. If you do not have any deals (if you just do business through Facebook) then it is good news for you. Consumers can design products or import products.

2. About 50% of Facebook users are adult, create content by considering the dislike of their choice. Make a good deal of comments and messages with them. Wherever they get good use, they go back there.

3. Almost 60% of Facebook users like or follow the Facebook page for any new design or new product or any good offer. Keeping in mind the 2018 product design plan and offer plan should be sorted out.

4. At one time, every Facebook user’s newsfeed competed for about 1500 posts, but only 300 were posted on Newsfeed. This 300 post is selected, how much is the relation between that page to your page (the post of the like, comment, share is judged), whether your post is related to the account’s preferences, whether it is the subject of your current post If the organic like comment is over, etc. Think of the user’s daily post sorting. Remember, someone does not like to see product ads every day, even you do not like yourself.

5. It’s important to talk about the post-Rich, but there are many issues related to it. Smaller posting is more often in many respects.

The page’s share of the shared post is less. So it is better to post directly to the page than to share. The picture is too much of a rich post.

Again, according to the research in the 017, the share of Rich Post and Post in the video post is a lot more often. Remember, talking about directly uploaded videos on Facebook, not YouTube’s video. Try to represent the video in such a way that the video can be understood in addition to words because many people watch videos without sound in many cases (You can add subtitles).

The use of live video is increasing day by day and users are taking it very well. Facebook itself is now marketing for live video. So in no way should this matter be dropped. Many videos are not good for watching 10-15 seconds when the first presentation of the video is beautiful.

6. Try checking out the insights of the pages every week and try to learn about the dislike of users’ choices and see if you are not going in the right direction.

7. Give importance to advertising on Facebook in the normal days than on occasions and special days. Branding will happen and consumers will come to you for a special day. Generally, the addle’s riches are less in the days of the big occasion.

8. Try to keep track of what your opponent is doing.

9. Give more importance to branding than marketing or product sales.

10. To survive in competition and gain consumer confidence, it is important to have a website.

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