Facebook page admin and their duty

The service that Facebook provides one of them is the Facebook page. A Facebook page means a business or a person’s life.

Facebook pages are created so that any business or person has all the important and new information. So anyone who sees a page can get a lot of information about that business.

Authorities of many business pages cannot manage that page due to lack of time or because they do not know much, they can not manage the page but it is very important to have a Facebook page. For that, Facebook authorities have the advantage of having 5 types of directors on a Facebook page.

For example:

  • Admin
  • Editor
  • Moderator
  • Advertiser and
  • Analyst

But the ability to manage their work and pages is different. Everyone can do everything if they want. All other operators except for admin are limited in their ability to work.

Before appointing someone to manage his page for a page owner, there is a need to know about the capabilities of different operators.

When you open 1 page, you will become an automatic admin. An admin can change all kinds of pages. The rest of the others can also work. Below is the work capacity of each operator:

1. Admin:

An admin is the power officer of the page. She could do all kinds of pages. Such settings can be changed which no other operator can do. In addition to editing pages, editing, deleting, using apps, sending ads directly to the customers, uploading photos or uploading videos, and visiting a visitor’s page, viewing the insights for how much click is being done etc. Besides, he can control other operators such as editors, moderators, advertisers, analysts.

2. Editor:

When admin did not get the time to manage the page, he appointed an editor. One editor can do everything else on page settings and other operators. For example, editing the page for any need, delete a post, delete it, add an app, and so on. The editor also has the ability to delete any comment. Another editor can also do an important job. Anyone can remove any person from Facebook page at any time. Which requires much more to prevent spamming. Because we often see different spammers posting the page’s post with comments or links to various websites in the comments. They have to be removed from Facebook page.

3. Moderator:

A moderator also plays a very important role for a page. The moderators of the Facebook page can only comment and comment but can not delete anything. Moreover, a moderator can also ban anyone from the page. Moderator can do two other important things, such as add-ons, insights, and also able to respond to the message via page.

4. Advertiser:

It is often seen that the page admin’s Facebook add-ons are low. An advertiser is needed at that time. Then he appointed an advisor. Advertisers have limited management capabilities. They just create ads or promote business in different free methods. They also have the benefit of watching Insights for their add-ons. To make him a professional add-on, there are many things to insight on Insight. It is possible to create a profitable add-on combination of those data. There are many agencies that offer this advertising service. They are given the power of the advertiser.

5. Analyst:

Analyst’s job is to analyze Facebook pages. They see how many visitors come to the page, whether they click on the link to the website, no more visitor arrives etc. Since the analyzes have to analyze all the information on the page, they are allowed to view the insight.

But all the directors of the Facebook page can do 1 thing that can see who posted an admin on KPay.

Many people appoint administrators for the preservation of many pages for different needs. These topics must be considered before the appointment. Otherwise, your business pages could be without your hand if there is any mistake.

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