Tips to choose an appropriate theme for your WordPress blog

There are about 10 thousand themes in WordPress, paid and free, from which you can find the perfect theme for your blog. But for the newcomers, especially those who have just started blogging, this is a bit difficult to choose from. Because in most cases they are confused about what is a free theme and what is a paid theme.

If I want to select suitable themes, I will always prefer a premium or paid theme. The advantage of WordPress’s free theme is that you do not have to pay a specific one-time fee before using the theme. But to use the premium theme, a certain amount of money must be paid, but premium themes are indeed worth the money.

If you launch a blog for personal or fun, the free theme is right for you. But if you want to start a blog for business or it is very serious about blogging then it is important for you to use premium themes. In this article, I will discuss what topics will be preferred for the theme of your WordPress blog.

1. Keeping in touch with Nishi blog: Choose the theme by adjusting your niche blog. If your blog is tech-related but you have a theme for photography blogs, then your visitors will be confused with the contents of your blog.

2. General design: Basically, before reading your blog post, visitors will first look at the design of your blog and if the design of your blog is good, the visitors will be able to visit your blog again the next time. If your blog is of social media, tech or tutorial type, it is worth checking out the professional theme. But do not need to use professional themes for personal or blog open blogs.

3. SEO Friendly: It is very important for people to find the blog easily when you launch the blog. The search engine is a good way to get people to know about your blog. And it is very important to choose your SEO Friendly theme to do this.

4. All browsers support: Make sure that, the selected theme supports all browsers. Most users still use Internet Explorer. So do not neglect this matter.

5. Response design: Not all of your visitors will visit the site using a desktop or laptop. Currently, most visitors visit any site using mobile or tabs. So before choosing the theme, make sure that the theme works well on all devices.

6. Best Navigation: Navigation is an important part of the site. In the case of theme selection, consider that navigation should be user-friendly.

7. Options panel: Theme options panel should be made so that the theme can easily be customized without the knowledge of any coding language.

8. Support: If you do not have a better knowledge of your coding language, then a theme developer will need help to make the blog a beautiful one. Most premium themes offer this kind of support to their customers. Must be taken into consideration whether the theme developers support lifetime in case of premium theme selection.

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