How to increase subscriber and views on the YouTube

Before increasing subscribers, you need to know why subscribing to YouTube is required. Subscribers are those who liked your content, followed you and those who want to see your next content. Besides, a subscriber is the person who views your new video, likes to comment and shares. To whom you can sell product or services, through which shares your followers and customers increase day by day. Also, when someone subscribes to your channel and subsequently login into their YouTube account, then your video can be viewed on the YouTube homepage so that the view will increase. The increase in the number of subscribers will increase the stability of more income. So we can easily understand how much important the subscribers. So a significant goal of video marketing is to increase the subscribers.

Now let’s know how to increase the subscriber on YouTube.

1. Call to subscribe:

Call To Action is very effective for digital marketing. It is also very useful for video marketing. Call your viewer to subscribe to the channel before the end of your video. This call or Call To Action will increase your subscriber quickly. But this call should be presented correctly. In order to use Call-To-Action on video, you need to highlight three topics.

  • Tell them what to do?
  • why need to subscribe the channel?
  • Tell them how to do?

For example, You can use, if you want to get more new tips from me, then click the subscribe button right now.

2. Use annotation:

Annotation is a small sticky note that people use in their videos. This helps to increase both the subscriber or the view. Although some of the video marketers use it more often, which becomes a cause of annoyance. So use Annotation in such a way that it helps increase your subscriber without disturbing the viewers. You can use two ways to use annotation.

  • The annotations on YouTube can be used to link channels to channel or to link to your other videos.
  • Insert a single button by designing graphics in the video and using YouTube’s spotlight annotation in that button with the link to your channel. It’s very useful because it looks at viewers.

3. Use the YouTube Widget in the blog:

If you have a web property where many or better traffic comes, then you can use that property to increase your subscriber. That means if you have a blog then you can use it to embed the blog and keep the video used to increase subscribers. For that, you have to install the YouTube Subscriber Widget on the blog. YouTube widget is very easy to install.

4. Regularly maintain contact:

YouTube is a community. Where there is a relationship with another, with one another different likes, shares, and comments. So you can also create contact relationships with other content creators of your video. Make regular comments on their videos, share them like this. This will create a relationship with you, its subscribers will be attracted to your comments.

If needed, take one day to find out if there are any channel on your own. Make a list of them, contact them, comment on their post. Be careful not to comment on any kind of spamming. Make relevant and informative comments. Only then can the video marketers and channel subscribers get attracted.

5. Upload video regularly:

The continuation of the video helps increase the subscription. When viewers shared a video like this, YouTube saw the video as it looks like the new video shows on the home page. As a result, while viewers do not subscribe to the first video, the probability of subscribing to viewing new videos increases. So, after publishing a video, after a long break, the video should be published after a certain time.

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