How to optimize your LinkedIn Profile

We all know Linkedin is a social media where professional people gather and talk about professional issues. LinkedIn is not like Facebook, most of the businesses are related to it or looking for jobs or entrepreneurs or those with good positions are noticed. Linkedin can play a significant role in your branding brand. Many people find employment through LinkedIn and many are getting jobs through this. And the origin of all this is Linkedin’s personal profile. LinkedIn is not like Facebook, so Linkedin’s profile will not be created like Facebook.

Before creating the Linkedin profile, it is necessary to have an idea about the character limitations of its sections.

  • Name: 60 characters (maximum)
  • Headline: 120 characters (maximum)
  • Summary: 2,000 characters (maximum)

 1. Your purpose:

Most Linkedin users use Linkedin for one purpose. For example, personal branding or finding the right employee or looking for a job. If you do not have any purpose, then you should fix your goals. Basically, your purpose will help you understand how to organize the profile and to sort the profile by targeting the type of keyword.

2. Profile photo:

Since Linkedin is the place of professional personalities, your profile photo should be professional. Since Linkedin is the place of professional personalities, your profile photo should be professional. I hope you can understand this but the question remains whether my photo is professional or not.

3. Headline:

Most of the users see the headline after the picture. If you do not have a headline, then if you have current employment information on your profile, then it will give the title of the employment as link headline to the headline. Try using keywords in the headline itself, linkdin will make your headline much more prominent in your profile. If you want you can use the pipe (|) For example: Digital Marketing Specialist | Social Media Marketer.

4. Current Position:

At this stage, you will get information about your current employment. Title, where working, when working from etc. Many people search in Linkedin with the current work location. In this case, this information will help you to rank.

5. Country and postal code:

Give your country and your city’s postal code here. Currently, only search by Bangladesh is finding the account, there is no option to search only on the city when there is a lot of increase in the user from our country, then we will also get that opportunity, so please provide the correct information.

6. Industry:

If you are working with any industry or trade, at this stage you will have to report it. This information will help to give your profile the correct position of search results.

7. Summary:

Write a summary of your life and your life in this section. Keep in mind that there is no need to give your personal issues right here. Only the information that you want to the public or the information you want to the public or the information you provide to the public or the information you want to the public. Definitely try to bring the keyword, obviously.

8. Profile link (Vanity URL):

After opening an account, Linkedin sets a profile link on its own. But it will not be so beneficial for you in many ways. You need to set a unique profile link in your own way on Linkedin. The unique profile link is profitable for search, it is easy to understand, you can remember, you can easily give it to others.

9. Experience:

At the stage you can give as much information as your profile weight gain. Try to give a summary of where you worked before, worked in a position, how many days it worked, what kind of work you did. Many do not give the essence, giving the essence I think it is plus point.

10. Skill & Endorsement:

Try to include all the things that are efficient here. There is no need to give too much, it can be worse than good. Those who are at your first connection, your friend or you know they can approve your skills. It’s like that I know he knows this thing well. The authorization capabilities are much more, through this approval, another person will know that you really know that job or just want to tell you that you are efficient.

11. Recommendation:

LinkedIn with the Recommendation section with your previous employment. The job that you are talking about in the Experience section, the chief person of the job can recommend about you, how you were, how you did it, how the company benefited from you, etc. It’s a lot like reviews.

12. Connection and Group:

Try connecting with people who are involved with your field and try to get involved in those groups. 500 Connections will show up on your profile when your connection is over 500. Personally, I think there should be at least 501 connections.

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