Some important topics of Keyword Research

One of the most important tasks of SEO is that of Keyword Research. Keyword Research is called the life of SEO. Because when you start working with SEO, you need to start working on a particular keyword. If you are wrong to select that keyword, then your entire SEO work can be vain. So, to do keyword research perfectly and to work with a good keyword. Keyword research can be done using various tools.

Setting goals:

The first condition of keyword research is to set the right goal. Why do you want to search keyword, what you want to get the keyword etc.? The biggest mistake in keyword research is worrying about how to get more traffic. You should not aim to bring more traffic. Because traffic came but the sales did not increase, then this traffic has no value.

Rather, sales growth should be the target. Sales growth is when the targeted traffic comes to the website. Keyword research will be based on this goal.

Keyword research can be targeted to 4 categories:

  • Sales.
  • Receive various things from the sale funnel.
  • Add-ons and Add Impressions
  • Inform customers about sites, services or products.

Once you can determine the right goals, you can easily understand what kind of keywords are needed. And can create content and marketing strategies based on it. You can select different keywords for this and work to increase direct sales. The first two categories are related to direct sales. Related to the next two consumers. To determine the keywords according to your needs.

Money phrase:

In the case of Keyword Research, it is important to use different types of words or phrases. Some of them have keywords that are called Money Phrase. That is, the word of this type is the huge sale. Such as “cheap widgets”, 50% discount or “where to buy widgets.” It is important to select keywords for money phrases or use keywords with a money phrase because they increase sales. Not only for advertising, but also for AdSense websites, you should also use the phrase keyword to be used. The biggest problem with the phrase is that it is very competitive and it is difficult to rank.

The top 5 categories money phrases keywords:

  • Comparative term or phrase with the competitor.
  • Discounted Related Phrases.
  • Product reviews and rating phrases.
  • The coupon code search phrases.
  • Search for sale.

Without from these, there are many more money phrases that you can get through online research.

Importance of Non-Money Phrase Keyword:

Although the money phrases will help to grow your cell directly, we cannot use the phrase phrases many times. Because its competition is much more. In that case, we have to work with a non-money phrase. Working with non-money phrases will make your website known to the public and increase the popularity of the website. Whose latest results will increase sales. Besides, if you can rank with a non-money phrase, it will help in ranking your money phrases. In a variety of ways, you can use non-money phrases as keywords or keywords. For example, long tail keywords can be used to easily scan the website using non-standard phrases. This will play a significant role in your money phrase keyword ranking.

Moreover, we know that using LSI keywords is very important in content to rank a website. Use this non-phrase phrase in this LSI keyword. Using different synonyms of the word can be easily marred by rank. Which includes non-money phrases.

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