The strategy to increase the view of YouTube videos

YouTube is the name of a social media popular in the online world. It’s so popular that now its user is almost billions. YouTube is no longer just watching movies or listening to movies. Here are a lot of things to learn from the tutorial and also know about any new product or service. So YouTube is an important medium for business promotion. Many companies around the world are also marketing their products through video promotion on YouTube.


YouTube is not just uploading a video to video marketing, that video has to reach people. The video has to do some work to reach people. Organic view on video is the best. Let’s discuss how to get Organic View through YouTube.

1. Create a professional YouTube channel:

To increase organic views of the youtube video you first need to must create a professional YouTube channel. Here the professional is meant to contain complete information about each area of the channel. One of the important parts of the channel is the About menu. You can find a description box in the About menu. Where to provide a description of your channel. The focus keywords must be used while writing this description. Not only description, here you can link to your website, links to other social media account. Mainly the Keyword of the description will help you come to your channel at the search through which you can get organic views of the video.

2. Keyword Research:

Many video marketers do not have any success by creating good videos. One of the reasons is that they do not research keywords or a keyword has targeted that the keyword does not search much. You can use Google Keyword Planner, one of the most popular tools for keyword research. YouTube’s search bar is a key tool for keyword research. If you type a word in this search bar, it’s related and some keywords will be sorted out. It is most important for choice best keywords for your video.

3. Optimize Video:

It’s important to rank in YouTube search results for a video organic view. This rank is not optimized only after upload, but it is optimized before upload. So the video must use the keyword in the file name. Keyword-based titles to be generated. There are keywords in the description, and in addition to the Major keyword in the tag box, many relevant Keyword can also be helpful, which will help you to get the search easier.

One of the most important tasks of on-page optimization is to use the thumbnail of the video to increase the view by attracting visitors. We often click on the thumbnail without just needing to see a lot of videos. So be careful about using a thumbnail. You can create interesting thumbnails through different images and textures. If you want, you can create a thumbnail with a graphic designer too.

4. Annotations:

Another tool for increasing video visitors is annotations. If you can use annotation with each video, it is good. Specifically, if there is a related video then it should be done. The visitor then tried to watch another video after watching a video. Besides, when a video visitor likes it and sees the option to watch another video, it will attract the visitor. So each video should use annotations with another video link.

5. Social Media Share:

We know the importance of social media marketing. So to get the organic view on the video you must be share social media. If you do not share in targeted places, you will not get a better view. So to be shared with targeted facebook group or targeted social media platform.

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