Valid Email List

Email marketing demands are increasing day by day. If you want to provide online business or service then email marketing is mandatory. With email marketing, you can easily find your targeted people. A valid email list is essential for effective email marketing.

Valid email list

What does valid email list mean?

A valid email list is a deliverable email list. One that truly exists and does not hard bounce. So again, what is a valid email list? It’s an email list where the username is a real mailbox at the domain. If you are not sure if the email accounts you are collecting are valid, you can contact me. I can provide 100% valid email list.

If the email list is invalid, the user will receive an error message. They will then be prompted to enter a valid account. This proves that you have an added layer of security embedded on your website. This also prevents bots from being able to flood your site with fake signups.

Not all valid email accounts are quality. There are some email addresses that could be detrimental to your deliverability. Verify has a few suppressions lists that can help safeguard you from high-risk email addresses. In most cases, they are impermanent accounts, high-risk accounts, or email accounts that belong to known complainers.

A high-risk email list is ones that could get you blacklisted, or lead you to legal troubles. So any email addresses that we flag as high risk I highly recommend that you do not send email to them.

We also have a suppression list for temporary email addresses. Temporary email addresses are not good because typically they are used to commit fraud. Impermanent accounts usually only last for 24-48 hours, which means if you allow them into your system they will hard bounce soon after.

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