Why Need A Website For Online Business?

Online business means starting a journey with a website. But in the online business of our country, the matter is now on the other side. Those who do not online-based businesses, they are meant to play their business online in the role of their branding and sales growth. And then the question is how to get started. And to start talking, a website has to talk about it.

But now we are starting an e-commerce business or connecting the local business online with a page within Facebook within 5 minutes. I’m not saying, Facebook is open on the page is a wrong job. Generally, a Facebook page created after making a website. Again, creating a website is a bit of expensive work. In that case, a little Facebook page can lead the business forward if the budget is low.

Let’s know how a website will help to bring the fullness of your business.

1. Consumer confidence:

As a customer, when there is a brand’s website, there is a sense of confidence. That way, it takes good money to build a website and since they have made the website beautiful, they must have looked at the product as well or do not run away with my money. In some cases, we think about the local business. For example – if there are two similar types of shops as well, then the shop is a little bigger and a little tidier and more in the shop, we enter the shop first, considering that there are good quality products available or there are many types of products available. It is a psychological subject.

2. Product storage:

You have many types of products or your new product comes every month. But this does not mean that you drop your previous products from the store. In the case of Facebook, the content of the product is posted on the customer’s eyes or the products that are advertised for it, and in many cases, 2-4 weeks before the products are not seen by many customers because they are all Product post went down later. It is difficult to sell those products.

Again, repeatedly posting the previous product, many customers are disturbed, it is harmful to your business too. You can say, many products can be displayed through Facebook’s shop options but reality or research says that many do not see the shop menu. For these reasons, a website can play a good role. If you send your customers to your website through marketing. They can easily find all of your products through different menus.

3. Branding:

Those who have been working online for the last few years. I must remember when Facebook was closed for a few days at the end of 2015. Many of them suffered huge losses and many of them left the online business. If your customers know your website’s link at that time then even if Facebook was closed it could go directly to your website. If you can give customers your website through your product, consumer services, offers, marketing, whenever customers need to go anywhere else you can go directly to your website.

4. Marketing:

You are doing marketing your Facebook page. Like your page is growing, post rick is growing, but you are not getting any information because the customers do not give much information. But if you used to do marketing on your website, you could know much traffic information if you used to get traffic, how much traffic is going on a page, how many people today have seen a product, how many have been sold, offer for a product is required, offer for a product is not required but need more supplies etc.

You can also take customers information in some cases Eg – name, email, phone number. You have to remember, a website is your online head and social media, having relationships with the customers and the location of communication and marketing.

5. Obligation:

Due to Facebook’s various rules and regulations, many products cannot be posted on Facebook due to the ad posting. Selling those products it became cumbersome. In that case, you can get help from the website, you are marketing the website and the product is available there.

6. Ownership:

The ownership of ownership in the business is very low on Facebook. Because the whole thing is on the Facebook platform. If Facebook blocks your pages for any reason or if Facebook is closed in your country. Then you will face the problem again. Again, the free thing does not contribute to getting something bigger, for a big deal today or tomorrow you have to take a website.

7. Domain:

The same name/link cannot be taken on the same website, such as a username/link cannot be used on Facebook. Suppose you made your business very popular through Facebook, and after a few years later, it was time for you to create a website and then you saw that there is no link to your business name, no one is using it for any work or buying it. In case you are in big danger because the name of the business can not be changed because customers have recognized you. You can take a domain change in the name of the business, but you have to make marketing again to bring it back to the customers. So, it is not good that you have done this work from the beginning.

8. Internet usage:

How much we were friendly about buying products online 10 years ago. Think of it 5 years ago. As a marketer, I had to work and work on two issues. But at the moment it was difficult to say that the positive will win or the negative. Just like today, you think everyone comes to the internet using Facebook, no one sees the website. Creating a website means only going to the water, think about 10 years ago, how did people use the Internet? Now think about the future.

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